• Kirchenstraße 5, 85413 Hörgertshausen, Deutschland


Agitated pressure reactors and autoclaves.


  • Max. volume 4 L, useful volume 3 L
  • Allowable pressure from -1 to 25 bar(g)
  • Maximum temperature 250°C
  • Material of construction: wetted material DIN WNr. 1.4571, other 1.4301
  • Heated by electric heater (1 kW) attached on cylindrical shell
  • Easy-tightening of main flange by chain clamp
  • Magnetic coupling Büchi bmd300 (max. 3Nm)
  • 3 types of replaceable stirrers – 2-blade, 3-blade and turbine
  • Electric drive with frequency invertor, belt gear
  • Fixed top lid, lifting of vessel (manually driven by hand crank)
  • Trolley for vessel with option of tipping for easy pouring out

Client: Diamo, Czech Republic