• Kirchenstraße 5, 85413 Hörgertshausen, Deutschland


Equipment used during the filtration and drying phase of a biochemical process.


  • Designed pressure -1 to 6 bar(g)
  • Designed temperature 200°C
  • Volume 900 L
  • Material of construction: Wetted material stainless steel AISI 316Ti
  • Internal surface grinded Ra<0,8 μm, no dead spots
  • Heated jacket (oil, 6 bar, 200°C)
  • Filtering area ø 940 mm
  • Hydro-drive 5,5 kW, 250bar, 0 to 20 RPM
  • Stirrer with function “smooth” and “sweep”
  • Double mechanic sealing with barrier fluid allowing axial movement
  • Hydraulic axial movement of stirrer (250 mm)
  • Hydraulic lift of bottom
  • Filtering bottom on transportable on wheels
  • Push out branch DN250 with hydraulic opening
  • Liner filling head for contamination-free exchange of the Big Bag
  • Ex / ATEX explosion proof execution

Client: Research Institute of Organic Synthesis, Czech Republic