• Kirchenstraße 5, 85413 Hörgertshausen, Deutschland


Separation of gel products in the cosmetic industry.


  • Vertical axis, solid bowl type decanting centrifuge
  • All product wetted parts are manufactured from stainless steel AISI 316 (L & Ti)
  • Centrifuge gas-tight for gas under pressure ready to receive an inerting control system
  • Centrifuge with full lid pneumatic opening, sight glass and ATEX lamp
  • One manual skimmer pipe controlled by a hand wheel
  • Bowl diameter  1000 mm
  • Bowl height  500 mm
  • Adjustable rotating speed 65-1350 rpm
  • Generated G force 1018
  • Useful capacity of centrifuge bowl 250 liters
  • Capacity in sediment 100 liters
  • Admissible hydraulic flow (in water) 150-180 liters/min
  • Centrifuge weight 850 kg
  • CIP (Cleaning In Place)
  • Inerting control system (ICS)
  • Hydraulic siphon connected to the centrifuge filtrate outlet pipe
  • CE & ATEX Ex II2G construction

Client: Contipro a.s., Czech Republic