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Packing machine Cartontech is used to erect american boxes, insert bottles, cans, bags or oter items into these boxes and close the top and bottom of the box by tape or hotmelt glue.

Basic configuration

  • Box erector with folding and taping unit for bottom flaps
  • Motorized conveyor to transfer erected boxes to the box filling station Infeed conveyor for bottles, cans, bags or small boxes
  • Unit to prepare the group/matrix of bottles and other items (2×5, 3×4 etc.)
  • 3 axe cartesian manipulator to place the group of items into the box
  • System to facilitate the bottles insertion into the box
  • Top flaps folding and glueing unit
  • Outfeed conveyor for ready boxes

Process description

  • Bottles, cans or bags enter the machine on infeed conveyor. Then the predefined group of items is formed by special unit (forming table).
  • Unfolded boxes are taken from the box magazine by system of suckers, than opened, bottom flaps are automatically folded and taped and the box is ready to receive the products.
  • Cartesian or robotic manipulator inserts the group of items to the box and after that the top flaps are automatically folded, taped and the box leave the machine on outfeed conveyor.
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