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Semiautomatic Capline TRIGGER PMP

The semi-automatic CAPLINE TRIGGER is suitable for capping all types of bottles with spray and pump attachments, as well as screw caps.

This model can also be equipped with a capping unit for push-on caps. The caps are applied manually, and the capping process is automatic.

The machine achieves an output of up to 3,000 bottles per hour.

Fully automatic Capline TRIGGER AT

This machine is suitable for the fully automatic capping of bottles with spray or pump caps. The machine operator pours the bottle tops into the magazine. From there, they are transported by a conveyor belt to the bottle erector. After erection, they are transported to the pick-up mechanism via a special track. The scissor mechanism takes over the spray or pump attachment. This is inserted into the bottle and the attachment is tightened.

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