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Fully automatic Tube Filler for filling and sealing plastic, laminate and metal tubes up to 120 tubes/min

Fully automatic tube filling and sealing machine Tubeline 6000 HS for filling and sealing plastic, laminate and metal tubes up to 120 tubes/min.

 The automatic filling and capping machine Tubeline 6000 HS is designed for filling pastes and liquids into plastic and laminate tubes or metal tubes.

Tubes are fed into the machine from the tube hopper, after insertion the tube is oriented by means of a photocell, then it is filled, heated by a hot air unit and welded by means of mechanical jaws. All values such as filling progress, start and stop edges, filling and closing speed, filling volume, closing torque and parameters are set on the touch screen.

All stainless steel parts in contact with the product are in AISI 304 (we can use AISI 316L steel if required).

Of course we use top quality components such as Siemens, SMC, and Leister control unit.


  • High-speed machine with a compact layout
  • Easy to set up and maintenance 
  • Operator friendly 
  • Easy to changeover
  • Easy to clean (cleaning manifold, spray ball, etc.)


  • Working height according to the tube length setting centrally by motorized lifting
  • Servo-driven indexing oval table with tube holders-speed adjustable on HMI
  • Photocell tube orientation system with servo control
  • Motorized volumetric filling system – volume and parameters adjustable on HMI
  • Motorized lifting and closing filling nozzle (up and bottom filling of a tube)
  • Hot air tube heating unit with air-blowing pump
  • Linear cam mechanically driven sealing jaws with marking to the weld
  • Linear cam mechanically driven trimming unit 
  • Ejection unit and slide outfeed


  • Available in duplex version
  • Available also for sealing of metallic tubes (with optional changeover kit)
  • Robotic infeed/outfeed of tubes

Robotic infeed / outfeed of tubes


Tubeline 6000 HS PK (P - plastic tubes, K - metal tubes)

Production Output

up to 70 tubes/min (single)

up to 120 tubes/min (duplex)

Tube diameter range

10-50 mm, optional 60 mm

Tube length range

50-250 mm

Filling volume

1-300 ml

Number of tube holders


Power Supply

3+PE+N 230/400 V 50 Hz

Power consumption

6 kW

Pneumatic components


Air pressure

5-6 bar

Air consumption

bis zu 200 L/min

Machine dimensions

Länge: 3 000 mm, Breite: 1 580 mm, Höhe: 2 500 mm

Machine weight

1 000 kg

Control system

HMI and PLC Siemens