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Our companyABOUT US

Lehmann Industrie – a small private company located in the Bavarian Hallertau (in the immediate vicinity of Munich Airport), whose top priority is the customer satisfaction.

Our team has decades of experience in the trade of industrial equipment and machinery, already very successful throughout Europe. The positive feedback and the satisfaction of our existing customers are the best proof of this.

We represent Czech manufacturers of process machines for chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other industries, having an extensive experience in the manufacture of industrial equipment. Their professional expertise, know-how and experience are at the forefront of industrial equipment manufacturers not only in the Czech Republic, but also worldwide.

All these companies originally supplied their equipment as subcontractors to other European manufacturers and decided to continue supplying under their own brand. We will be happy to help them to do so.


This enables us to offer a wide range of process technology and solutions for processes such as solid-liquid separation through filtration, mixing, drying, or hydrogenation. In addition, we have recently expanded our range to include packaging machines & lines of liquid products in solid containers.

All companies that I offer you in my catalog specialize in customized solutions and equipment. It’s far more demanding in all respects, but it’s exactly in the spirit of customer satisfaction and it’s exactly in line with my lifelong philosophy.

Yours, Iveta Lehmann