• Kirchenstraße 5, 85413 Hörgertshausen, Germany

In July 2023, we successfully completed the production of a vertical Conical Screw Mixer with a working volume of 1000 liters to meet the specific needs of our customer. Our mixer was carefully designed to efficiently mix tungsten oxides with a maximum bulk density of 3 g/cm³. Due to the powerful technical features of the machine and precise control of the mixing process, we achieved the desired degree of homogeneity. Focused was not only on the performance, but also on the safety. We have created a working environment that is completely safe and free from the risk of explosion. The reliability of our homogenizer is the basis for a trouble-free production process.


  • maximum overpressure inside the mixer vessel 0,45 bar
  • reinforced PHARMIX gearbox, NORD 9 kW and 0,75 kW gearboxes
  • gearbox with the hollow drive shaft for a liquid injection, inlet manual valve ¾ “, outlet injection nozzle
  • vessel, mixing screw, lid, carrier, orbiting arm made of stainless steel AISI 304 (4301)
  • gearboxes painted with RAL 9001
  • inner surface of vessel grounded Ra 0,8 – outer surface ballotine (glass pearls)
  • dust-tight design
  • product inlet – pneumatically operated butterfly valve BIANCA DN 150
  • nitrogen inlet ball valve DN ½” manual
  • nitrogen outlet ball valve DN 1 ¼ ” manual
  • stainless steel pressure gauge diameter 100 mm
  • reserve flange DN 150, blinded
  • outlet knife gate valve L65 DN 300, stainless steel, pneumatic actuator, position sensors, valve 5/3, coil 230V AC
  • mounted on four footers
Conical screw mixer HV1000 for mixing tungsten oxide in completely safe and explosion-free operation.