• Kirchenstraße 5, 85413 Hörgertshausen, Germany


for dewatering chemical industrial gypsum after neutralization of sulphuric acid.


  • Vertical axis, bottom dischargeable by peeling plough and a robust inertia plate 
  • Partially lid opening for easy inspection & maintenance
  • Hydraulically operated peeler (hydraulic unit)
  • Peeler over the full height of basket with up-down motion
  • Scraping knife blade with special wear resistance alloy (Stellite)
  • Basket diameter 1600 mm
  • Basket height 1250 mm
  • Useful volume 1282 liters
  • Useful load 2230 kg
  • Max. rotational speed 800 rpm
  • CIP (Cleaning In Place) System
  • RHR – Residual Heel Removal systems for complete product recovery
  • Profibus or Modbus connection to DCS dispatch panel
  • AC variable frequency drive with a recuperation unit
  • CE construction and compliance

Client: Linz, Austria