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Mobile nutsche filter for the University of Bayreuth

Our company has become a recognized partner for the supply of equipment to European R&D centers and university laboratories. One such example is the custom-made design, manufacture and delivery of a mobile nutsche filter DN300-25 L for the University of Bayreuth.


  • Working temperature 100 °C.
  • Operating pressure -1 / + 3 bar
  • Cylindrical vessel with domed base and domed hinged lid
  • Diameter of the cylindrical part of the filter body 300 mm, height of the cylindrical part 400 mm
  • Removable sieve with handles, perforated base with filter plate attachment
  • Total filter volume approx. 30 L
  • Filter surface area 0.04m²
  • Material of construction: stainless steel AISI 316
  • Inner surface roughness (in contact with product) Ra < 0.8 μm, including roughness measurement protocol
  • Outer surfaces brushed
  • Filter on 3 legs, with 3 swivel wheels with brakes
  • Height of the filter gap flange above the floor 600 mm
  • Design and manufacture according to PED 2014/68/EU
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Visualisierung eines weiteren konischen 4-Liter-Labor-Bandmischtrockners für die Glovebox für einen Kunden in Belgien

Other Lab Ribbon Mixer Dryer Visualization

Visualisierung eines weiteren konischen 4-Liter-Labor-Bandmischtrockners für die Glovebox für einen Kunden in Belgien. Das System besteht aus dem Trockner, der Vakuumpumpe, dem Wärmetauscher und einem Kondensator auf einem gemeinsamen Rahmen.

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Neuer Filtertrockner mit Filterplatte Ø 1100 mm und ein Gesamtvolumen von 900 Litern, aus Edelstahl AISI 316 L, ATEX-Ausführung

New Filter Dryer DN1100

This Tuesday we handed over a new filter dryer to the customer. This one has a diameter of the filtering plate 1100 mm and a total volume of 900 liters (cake volume 300 liters). Material of construction stainless steel AISI 316 L, ATEX execution. 

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Test trials of Vacuum Vertical Ribbon Mixer Dryer

Vacuum Dryer Test Trial at VSK Pardubice

On Monday 31.1. we have provided at our Czech partner and manufacturer VSK Pardubice a test trial with material samples for (and with participation of) one international chemistry corporation, by use of a Vacuum Vertical Ribbon Mixer Dryer.

The fact that we can represent this company on the German market makes us very proud. There is no challenge that the company VSK would not be able to cope with.   

Many thanks to Mr. Bilek and his team.

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