Our company has become a recognized partner for the supply of equipment to European R&D centers and university laboratories. One such example is the custom-made design, manufacture and delivery of a mobile nutsche filter DN300-25 L for the University of Bayreuth.


  • Working temperature 100 °C.
  • Operating pressure -1 / + 3 bar
  • Cylindrical vessel with domed base and domed hinged lid
  • Diameter of the cylindrical part of the filter body 300 mm, height of the cylindrical part 400 mm
  • Removable sieve with handles, perforated base with filter plate attachment
  • Total filter volume approx. 30 L
  • Filter surface area 0.04m²
  • Material of construction: stainless steel AISI 316
  • Inner surface roughness (in contact with product) Ra < 0.8 μm, including roughness measurement protocol
  • Outer surfaces brushed
  • Filter on 3 legs, with 3 swivel wheels with brakes
  • Height of the filter gap flange above the floor 600 mm
  • Design and manufacture according to PED 2014/68/EU